Amber Corryn Photography

Hi Amber!

Thank you again for allowing me to work with you on your website! Your work is absolutely gorgeous - and I'm so excited to see more of it as you add to your already beautiful portfolio. 

Below are some helpful links and walk-thrus in order to update your website:

Adding Your New Logo

  • I know you're well on your way to having a new logo designed! When that time comes, follow the instructions below to change out your logo on your website:   Click 'Design' then hover over the page and click 'Edit'. Hover over the current logo and click 'Edit' to delete it and upload your new logo.
  • You'll also want to change it under 'Logo & Title' by clicking 'Design' -> 'Logo & Title'.

Editing Your Website:

  • Adding + Editing Pages:
  • Adding Images (Scroll to Step 3) - 
  • Connecting Social Accounts:
  • Making Style Changes (This has a TON of info!):

Remember when updating any of the galleries on the home page to make sure the parameters are as follows:

Updating Your Blog:
(Your blog is currently under the 'not linked' option in Squarespace. Use this area, just like you have been, to continue updating your blog!)

  • Adding Content (LOTS of good info here):

Video Tutorials:

  • All video tutorials are here:

Future Support Requests:

  • Squarespace's support team is INCREDIBLE. They have live chat and email support:
  • If you have any future additions to your website that you would like me to take care of, I offer hourly rates and can send a contract over for your review/sign off.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to create your website. You should be SO proud of the beautiful business you've built and the service you provide to your customers. It's clear already by the few comments you've received on your blog just how much your customers love you and your work!

Talk to you soon!