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Raegan, as you are about to turn four, I have some advice that I hope will carry on with you through life.  Now, mommy does know best but not everything, so these thoughts will come strictly from my own heart and soul, out of love.  You light up my life more then you could ever possibly know.  You are a very beautiful girl and though I worry about telling you that – because humor and kindness are so much more meaningful than beauty – I also know there will come a moment, in the not-so-far-away future, when you might think that you are ugly.  When you live in a world that constantly tells you you’re not good enough – "lose weight! buy this shirt! wax those eyebrows!" – it is perfectly normal to feel a little unpretty at times, but remember that you most definitely are.  Some people can be mean, though. Don’t ever be one of them.

Always stay true and be kind to yourself.  Everyone goes through hard times, so when you inevitably hit yours, please remember that you are the three-year-old who, after being bit by a dog not once, but twice, still said days later “I love you Robbie, it's ok”.  It’s important to get back on your horse and ride on. 

If you never become a doctor, if you never graduate from college, if you never get married, if you never have kids, but you are happy...then I will be happy.   You have always been a master in the art of negotiation and I always admired your ability to think big. 

Thank you for helping to mold me into the mom I am today.  I hope you'll always want to read one more book, paint my nails and always call me mommy.  I didn’t think it was possible to be proud of such a little person, but I have been ever since the day you were born. Don't ever change who you are and I promise, cross my heart, that I will never try to change you.


I love you Rae.

Love, Mommy